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Workwell Audits

Workwell Audits

Prepare for a Workwell Audit with Ryan- Dowsett Paralegal in Barrie Ontario

Ryan -Dowsett Paralegal in Barrie will work with you if you have been identified for a Workwell Audit

What is a WorkWell Audit?

Section 25(2)(j) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act states that employers in Ontario “shall ensure that they prepare and review a written occupational health and safety policy, and develop and maintain a program to implement that policy”.

In other words, businesses must write a “HEALTH AND SAFETY POLICY” statement and have a written plan on how they will ensure that everyone is going to follow the safety rules and policies, as stated in the “HEALTH AND SAFETY MANUAL”.

Any business that employs five (5) or more workers can be subject to a WSIB WorkWell audit. All businesses, regardless of size, must have a safety program in place.

Consider the following:
If you have an accident at your workplace and the Ministry of Labour asks to review your safety rules, policies, procedures and any documentation that you have to demonstrate the safety of your workers, would you be able to provide the inspector with this information?

The cost of developing a Health and Safety Program is very low - especially when you weigh it against the cost of a workplace accident.

Let Ryan-Dowsett Paralegal in Barrie provide the support you need to ensure that your business complies with the regulations and the advice you will require if selected for a Workwell Audit

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